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NISH (NITAG Support Hub) 2: Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy/confidence in Africa

This Library Guide contains published and unpublished information on vaccine hesitancy and related issues in the context of COVID-19 vaccination in Subsaharan Africa

Pubmed : Covid-19 AND "vaccination hesitancy" AND Principe

de Sousa, Á.F.L., Teixeira, J.R.B., Lua, I., de Oliveira Souza, F., Ferreira, A.J.F., Schneider, G., de Carvalho, H.E.F., de Oliveira, L.B., Lima, S.V.M.A., de Sousa, A.R. and de Araújo, T.M.E., 2021. Determinants of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Portuguese-Speaking Countries: A Structural Equations Modeling Approach. Vaccines, 9(10), p.1167.

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