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NISH (NITAG Support Hub) 1 - General: Library guides: an introduction

What are library guides? Library guides are helpful resources that provide users with information and guidance on how to effectively use resources and services.

Library guides for NISH

NISH is a formalised, long-term academic project mandated to support NITAGs in the WHO Africa Region. The project is underwritten by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and made possible with funding from Wellcome (secured until 2026). Several partners are essential to make this project a success.

NISH is a project of the VACFA, the Vaccines for Africa Initiative at the University of Cape Town (UCT) Faculty of Health Sciences, South Africa. It is located at the UCT School of Public Health and Family Medicine.

Library guides : an introduction

Library guides contain lists of suggested books, databases and journals, links, and sometimes pictures and video on any topic the guide is discussing. It is a roadmap of extremely helpful, relevant, and academically acceptable knowledge that a librarian constructed for users to use.

African search terms

Africa OR African OR Algeria OR Angola OR Benin OR Botswana OR "Burkina Faso" OR Burundi OR “Cabo Verde” OR Cameroon OR Cameroun OR "Canary Islands" OR "Cape Verde"  OR "Central African Republic" OR Chad OR Comoros OR Congo OR "Cote d'Ivoire" OR "Democratic Republic of Congo" OR Djibouti OR Egypt OR Eritrea OR eSwatini OR Ethiopia OR Gabon OR Gambia OR Ghana OR Guinea OR Guinea- Bissau OR "Ivory Coast" OR Jamahiriya OR Kenya OR Lesotho OR Liberia OR Libya OR Madagascar OR Malawi OR Mali OR Mauritania OR Mauritius OR Mayotte OR Morocco OR Mozambique OR Namibia OR Niger OR Nigeria OR Principe OR Reunion OR Rwanda OR “Saint Helena” OR “Sao Tome” OR Senegal OR Seychelles OR “Sierra Leone” OR Somalia OR  “St Helena” OR Sudan OR Swaziland OR Tanzania OR Togo OR Tunisia OR Uganda OR “Western Sahara” OR Zaire OR Zambia OR Zimbabwe