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Library & Information Science Library Guide: Looking for Books

A guide to the resources in UCT Libraries

Finding Books

Material in the library is arranged according to the Dewey Classification system.  Printed resources about Information and Library Science are found in various parts of the library -  the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library, Government Publications Department, and Special Collections.        Most of the materials are in the 020 range, although books on Knowledge Management are found in the 650s.

The location gives the shelf number.  Prefixes indicate in which library the books will be found.  The prefixes DS and WH have been discontinued, but they will still be found on older material in the catalogue and on the spines of books.  Ignore these prefixes  -  only the shelf number is important.   However, where the prefix is WHJ or WHT,  these are discrete collections of books for the Classroom Collection (WHJ) and School Textbooks (WHT) which are shelved separately.

The prefix R means the book is reference and cannot be taken out.  BA indicates Special Collections and can only be consulted or photocopied.  Government Publications Library keeps all official government documents.  Their holdings are indicated by the prefix G.  Some of their materials are available for loan.    

Deweys, Sears and Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules Books

Copies of Deweys,  Sears and Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2s) are issued to library students from the time that part of the course is reached,  until the end of each academic year.    

These don't form part of the loan quota.  These books are available from the Library and Information Studies Centre.

Reference Books

Useful Shelf Numbers

  001        Knowledge

  001.42    Research Methods (General)

  004        ICT

  002        The book

  003.54    Information Theory

  010        Bibliographies

  020        Librarianship & Information Sciences

  020.62    International and National organizations

  020.72    Research methods in librarianship

  021        Libraries, archives and information centres

      021.7      Library promotion and public relations, including marketing

  022        Administration of the physical plant including stacks and shelving, equipment and furniture

  023        Personnel management

  025        Operations of libraries, archives and information centres

      025.1     Administration

      025.2     Acquisitions and collection development

      025.3     Bibliographic analysis and control

      025.4     Subject analysis and control

      025.5     Services for users

            025.5677  Information Literacy

      025.6     Circulation Services

      025.7     Physical preparation for storage and use

      025.8     Maintenance and preservation

  026        Different types of libraries

      026.4     Public Libraries

      026.5     Government Libraries

      026.6     Libraries for special groups and organizations e.g. Prison libraries

      026.7     College and University Libraries

      026.8     School Libraries

  027        General Libraries, archives and information centres

  028        Reading and use of other information media

  070.5      Publishing

  090        Manuscripts and Rare Books

  306.42    Sociology of Libraries    

  651.5      Records Management

  658.4038  Knowledge Management

  711.57     Libraries and city planning

  727.8        Library Architecture