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French Language & Literature Library Guide: Mistress Serendipity's Library

Mistress Serendipity's Library download link

Mistress Serendipity's Library


Dare you step inside Mistress Serendipity's Library? Can you face terror more terrifying than something pretty darn terrible? Do you wish to learn of mysteries so mysterious that most people myst them! Then download the “Mistress Serendipity’s Library” gaming interface!


  1. Unzip or Extract All from the downloaded zip file (
  2. Click on Haglib file to run Mistress Serendipity’s Library.
  3. Hotlinks open up in new browser window, game restarts when they do.
  4. Hotlink browser windows remain open when game is closed and must be closed separately.
  5. Instruction sheet fades after eight seconds, or goes when arrow keys are pressed.
  6. Use arrow keys to fly Mistress Serendipity on her broom around the Labyrinth.
  7. Avoid the Hags of Unhelpfulness and Witch Ball of Painful Insight.
  8. Fly into hotlinks to go to useful websites.


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