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Substance Abuse: Government resources: Library Guide: Parliament and Legislation


We have print editions of the consolidated Statutes of South Africa as well as current databases. Be aware that Acts found on the Internet, e.g, on South Africa Online are individual acts not the consolidated versions including amendments.The University of Pretoria's Laws of South Africa database has consolidated Acts.

You may use Bills published on South Africa Online, the Parliamentary Monitoring Group or the Parliamentary Bills database. Read the Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) on Parliament's site or PMG, and the deliberations, briefings, and public hearings of Committees on Bills on the Parliamentary Monitoring Group website.

Use the Netlaw: SA Legislation database or  Laws of South Africa to find the current versions of the following Acts:

Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act 70 of 2008

This Act came into force on 31 March 2013 and repealed the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act 20 of 1992.

Regulations in terms of the Act are published in the SA Government gazette. The latest ones are in General notice 283, SA Government gazette No. 36305 (2 April 2013)

Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act 140 of 1992

South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport Act 14 of 1997

Liquor Products Act 60 of 1989

National Liquor Act 59 of 2003

Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998

Tobacco Products Control Act 83 of 1993