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South African Government Policy: Library Guide: Development/Planning

Bibliographic records and links of South African government policies, plans and strategies

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South Africa. Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Revised medium term strategic framework, 2019-2024. Pretoria: Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, 2020?

South Africa. Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Medium term strategic framework, 2019-2024. Pretoria: Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, 2020.

South Africa. National Planning Commission. Medium-term strategic framework (2014-2019). Pretoria: National Planning Commission, 2014. Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.14.MEDI Appendices/Outcomes

South Africa. Presidency. Together doing more and better: medium term strategic framework: a framework to guide Government's programme in the electoral mandate period (2009-2014). Pretoria: The Presidency, 2009.  Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.09.TOGE

Policy papers

South Africa. Presidency. Green Paper : National Strategic Planning. Pretoria: The Presidency, 2009. Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.09.GREE

South Africa. Parliament. National Council of Provinces. Select Committee on Finance. Report of the Select Committee on Finance on the Green Paper: National Strategic Planning, dated 12 November 2009.

South Africa. Parliament.  National Assembly. Ad Hoc Committee on Green Paper on National Strategic Planning, September-November 2009.

South Africa. Development and Planning Commission. Draft Green Paper on Development and Planning. Pretoria: National Development and Planning Commission, 1999. Shelf no. G 68 JDPC 4/99 DRAF


Our future :   make it work : national development plan, 2030.    Pretoria :   National Planning Commission,   2012. Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.12.OURF

South Africa. National Planning Commission. A review of the national development plan 2030: advancing implementation towards a more capable nation. Pretoria: National Planning Commission, [2020]

South Africa. Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Concept note on the NDP five year implementation plan. Pretoria: Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, October 2018. Draft document for consultation..


Eastern Cape Planning Commission. Eastern Cape Vision 2030: Provincial Development Plan: a future we can build. East London: Eastern Cape Planning Commission, 2014.

Western Cape. Provincial strategic plan, 2019-2024. Cape Town: Western Cape Government, 2020.

Western Cape. Strategic framework for the Provincial strategic plan, 2019-2024. Working draft, December 2019. Cape Town: Western Cape Government, 2019.

Western Cape. Department of the Premier. Provincial strategic plan, 2014-2019. Cape Town: Department of the Premier, 2015.


City of Cape Town. Cape Town resilience strategy. Cape Town: City of cape Town, [2019.] "approved by Council on 22 August 2019."


The Programme of Action (POA) measures the implementation of the  National Development Plan (NDP) through the Medium-term Strategic Framework (MTSF)


South Africa. Towards a twenty-five year review, 1994-2019. [Pretoria: The Presidency, 2020.]

South Africa. The Presidency.  Twenty Year Review : South Africa, 1994 - 2014.  Pretoria: The Presidency, 2014. Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.14.TWEN Background Papers.

South Africa. The Presidency.  Towards a Fifteen Year Review Synthesis Report : a Discussion Document  Pretoria?: The Presidency], 2008. Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.08.TOWA

South Africa. The Presidency. Towards a Ten Year Review : Synthesis Report on Implementation of Government Programmes : Discussion Document  Pretoria?: Government Communication and Information System, 2003. Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.03.TOWA