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Actuarial Science Library Guide: Home

This guide assists with library resources for Actuarial Science.

What is Actuarial Science?

"Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk ininsurancefinance and other industries and professions. Actuaries are professionals who are qualified in this field through education and experience. In many countries, actuaries must demonstrate their competence by passing a series of rigorous professional examinations.

Actuarial science includes a number of interrelated subjects, including probabilitymathematicsstatistics,financeeconomicsfinancial economics, and computer programming. Historically, actuarial science used deterministic models in the construction of tables and premiums. The science has gone through revolutionary changes during the last 30 years due to the proliferation of high speed computers and the union of stochasticactuarial models with modern financial theory (Frees 1990).

Many universities have undergraduate and graduate degree programs in actuarial science. In 2010, a study published by job search website CareerCast ranked actuary as the #1 job in the United States (Needleman 2010). The study used five key criteria to rank jobs: environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, and stress. A similar study by U.S. News & World Report in 2006 included actuaries among the 25 Best Professions that it expects will be in great demand in the future (Nemko 2006)." From Wikipedia contributors. "Actuarial Science.Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Web. 4 April 2017

Actuarial Science courses for 2017

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Course Code Course Title View Info
BUS1003H Introduction to Actuarial Science Introduction View Info
BUS2016H Actuarial Science I: Financial Mathematics View Info
BUS3018F Actuarial Science II: Models View Info
BUS3024S Actuarial Science II: Contingencies View Info
BUS4013H Actuarial Project View Info
BUS4027W Actuarial Science III: Actuarial Risk Management View Info
BUS4028F Actuarial Science III: Financial Economics View Info
BUS4029H Actuarial Research Project View Info
BUS4034S Professional Communication (Actuarial Science) View Info
BUS4050W Strategic Thinking View Info
BUS4053H Quantitative Finance Project View Info
BUS4088F Actuarial Science III: Assets View Info
BUS5018F Life Insurance View Info
BUS5019Z Pensions View Info
BUS5022Z Selected South African Topics View Info
BUS5028S Pensions Specialist View Info
BUS5035S Specialist Finance & Investment A View Info
BUS5040S General Insurance View Info
BUS5042F Health & Care View Info

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