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Law and Regional Integration in Africa Research Task: Journal articles

This guide is intended to aid those that are currently busy with their Research Task for the Law and Regional Integration in Africa module.

Searching for journal articles

When searching for journal articles, first construct a search strategy using your topic, and the keywords therein, and different search operators.



Google Scholar

Some suggested journal articles

Ncube, Geoffrey, and Thato Mokotti. Regional Economic Integration and Capital Flows in the SADC Region, September 2018. Prepared for the Committee of Central Bank Governors in SADC (CCBG) by Bank of Botswana. The Research Bulletin, Volume 32, no. 1 (February 2019). Gaborone: Bank of Botswana, 2019. Shelf no. G 6873 K.BANK

Jude C. Okafor & Ernest Toochi Aniche Sr. 2017. Deconstructing Neo-Functionalism in the Quest for a Paradigm Shift in African Integration: Post-Neo-Functionalism and the Prognostication of the Proposed Continental Free Trade Area in Africa. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science 22(2): 60-72. Available: SSRN

Mevel, Simon, Jaime Moll de Alba, and Nassim Oulmane. 2016. Optimal Regional Trade-Integration Schemes in North Africa: Toward a Pro-Industrialization Policy. Journal of Economic Integration (2016): 569-608. Available: JSTOR

Páez, Laura. 2016. A Continental Free Trade Area: Imperatives for Realizing a Pan-African Market. Journal of World Trade 50(3): 533-562. Available: Google Scholar

Sparks, Donald Lee. 2016. The Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063: Implications for Economic Integration in Africa. Research in Applied Economics 8(4): 45-73. Available: Google Scholar

Owoeye, Olasupo. 2016. Regionalism and WTO Multilateralism: The Case for an African Continental Free Trade Area. Journal of World Trade 50(6): 1085-1109. Available: Google Scholar

Ba, Mahamadou Nassirou. 2016. Strategic Agricultural Commodity Value Chains in Africa for Increased Food: The Regional Approach for Food Security. Agricultural Sciences 7(09): 549. Available: Google Scholar

Mapondera, Marshal N. 2014. Prioritising an inclusive and equal trade liberalisation policy in the Continental Free Trade Area." Africa Law Today 1. Available: SSRN

Valensisi, Giovanni, Robert Lisinge, and Stephen Karingi. 2016. The trade facilitation agreement and Africa's regional integration. Canadian Journal of Development Studies 37(2): 239-259. Available: Taylor & Francis

Tanyi, Kenneth T. 2015. Assessing Africa's Two Billion Populated Market by 2063: The Facts and Fallacies of a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA). Business and Economics Journal 6(3): 1. Available: Google Scholar

Hailu, Martha Belete. 2014. Regional Economic Integration in Africa: Challenges and Prospects. Mizan Law Review 8(2): 299-332. Available: HeinOnline

Dirar, Luwam. 2016. Norms of solidarity and regionalism: theorizing state behavior among Southern African states. Michigan State University Journal of International Law 24: 667. Available: LexisNexis Academic

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