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Digital Humanities: Home

A guide to Digital Humanities


The purpose of this guide is to provide information about Digital Humanities such as tools, software, project examples, useful websites, etc and is intended as a starting point for those interested, or wondering about Digital Humanities.     This guide will continue to grow. 

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What is Digital Humanities?

There is no  single, definitive definition of Digital Humanities (DH),  but essentially it is an umbrella term for the different activities at the  intersection of computing and the traditional humanities research.  

Sometimes the broader term "Digital Scholarship" is used for Digital Humanities.   It was also previously referred to as "Humanities Computing". provides  800+  definitions of Digital Humanities  from scholars, researchers, students, and librarians.

"Digital Humanities is a cover term for a wide variety of activities that attempt to explore and expand areas of knowledge typically examined in the Humanities by developing and/or applying computational tools or methods in ways best suited for these areas. Digital Humanities is also a cover term for a supporting community of practitioners who share a common interest in the tools and methods--and challenges--generated by the activities of Digital Humanities scholars, as well as potentially useful activities in fields outside the traditional Humanities."   Scott Kleinman, California State University

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