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Law Library Guide: Home

This guide will help you understand and develop the skills necessary to use the Law Library at UCT

Access to Resources

If you are working from off campus -  and you need to access any of the databases you will need your UCT student number and password.

Certain resources require a password - please contact the Law Library to get this information

About the Law Library

The Law Library is located on Level 2 of the Wilfred & Jules Kramer law building on Middle Campus.

Keep an eye on the Law Library website to see what the opening and closing times are.

Want to contact us

Tel: 021 650 2708/9

Welcome / Wamkelekile / Welkom

This guide is intended to aid your understanding and ability to conduct legal research.

Having the ability to effectively research will aid you not only as a student but also when in practice. Being able to conduct research will allow you to quickly and effectively answer legal problems, incorporating the newest sources.

If you are not familiar with UCT Libraries general practices - follow this guide or watch the video below

UCT Libraries Good Conduct Rules

When using the Libraries - keep the following rules in mind:


A person shall not make noise, cause a disturbance, make or take cell phone calls, hold public meetings or demonstrations, within UCT Libraries, or behave in such a manner that would interfere with or impact negatively on study and research activities of library users.



Food may not be consumed in UCT Libraries. Drinks are permitted only in special library-approved spill-proof containers. Smoking is not permitted.



All cell phones must be on silent mode. Making or taking cell phone calls in UCT Libraries is prohibited.

cell/smart  phones


Any person infringing the rules of conduct may be required to leave the library and/or have library privileges suspended or withdrawn and/or face disciplinary proceedings.


Senior Librarian

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Anthea Paulsen
Brand van Zyl Law Library
+27 21 650 1261
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What if I can't find it in the library?

If you are struggling to find a resource - come and see one of the reference librarians (situated behind the circulation desk).

If your resource isn't in the library, you can also contact Interlibrary Loans to try to get the resource for you. You can access interlibrary loans by clicking on the following icon on the home screen.

Simply fill out the relevant form (choose between book or journal) - try to put in as much detail as possible!