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Vancouver Referencing Style @ UCT

Vancouver Referencing Style is extensively used in the biomedical and health sciences.

Welcome - Wamkelekile - Welkom

This is a quick guide to Vancouver Referencing Style for UCT students, particularly those in the Health Sciences Faculty. 

This adaptation of the Vancouver referencing style is based on the "AMA manual style: a guide of authors and editors" and "Citing medicine: the NLM guide for authors, editors, and publishers, 2nd ed" (on which the ICMJE's "Sample of formatted references for authors of journal articles" is based). For detailed Vancouver referencing instructions and examples, visit the National Library of Medicine (NLM) guide for authors, editors, and publishers by clicking here.

Sample references can also be found on the ICMJE Recommendations website

The content box on your left hand side of the screen lists quick links to examples of reference sources you are likely to use. If there are any examples that you would like to be added to this guide.

Please email me to send your recommendations.

NB: Please check with your lecturers or departments for their special rules before applying the guidelines in this guide.

Journal Abbreviations

Vancouver Referencing style requires you to use MEDLINE official journal abbreviations when entering journal titles in your reference list.

Click on the PDF document below to view the quick guide on how to find MEDLINE official journal abbreviations, or go directly to Journals in NCBI databases

Please note that not all journals are listed in the NCBI database, therefore if you cannot find the journal you are looking for, ask the reference librarian for further assistance.

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