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Statistical Sciences Library Guide: Referencing

How to find information - a guide for Statistical Sciences students and academics at UCT


Academic writing requires that you acknowledge other writers’ words and thoughts by citing and referencing your sources of information. Citing is the practice of quoting from, or referring to, other writers’ works and ideas in the text of your work; referencing is the listing of the full details of the publications that you have cited so that the reader can track down the original sources.

Plagiarism is failing to acknowledge your sources.You must always acknowledge the sources that you consulted when preparing your work. 

To know learn more about how to avoid plagiarism please see: Avoiding Plagiarism: A Guide for Students.

For more information on different referencing styles and citation manager see Referencing Help.

To find out how to reference using UCT Author-date guide (based on Harvard).

Citation Managers

UCT subscribes to:

  1. ​RefWorks and
  2. Endnote

Citation management tools can be used to store and organise references. Refworks and EndNote allows sync between desktop and online libraries.