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Statistical Sciences Library Guide: Databases

How to find information - a guide for Statistical Sciences students and academics at UCT

About Databases

Databases collect, organise and index information from journals, books, book chapters, theses and dissertations, magazines, newspapers and other sources.  UCT Libraries subscribe to many databases covering a wide range of subject areas. You can search a database by typing in keywords that describe your topic.  The database will provide you with information about journal articles and other materials on the topic, and may even link you to full text articles in our electronic journals.  To get the most out of our databases, make an appointment with your Subject Librarian who will give you detailed information and useful tips about designing your search strategy, refining your results, and tracking down the articles you discover.

Accessing databases

To access e-databases mouse over 'Search & Find' on the top menu bar of our homepage and then select either the A-Z list of Databases or Databases by Platform

If you are not on campus, please use the Off Campus Login Button. This login allows you to access electronic journals and other library resources from off-campus. This button can also be found on the library web page

Key concepts

You should choose 3 or 4 main points (Key Concepts) when searching for information covering your topic.

When searching electronic resources use 'stemming' to include words that have the same 'stem', for example:

statis* would look for statistics or statistical or statistician.

EBSCOhost Databases

To search different EBSCOhost databases simultaneously, choose one (such as Academic Search Premier) and then click on "Choose Databases". A pop-up screen will allow you to select the ones you want to search.

Useful Databases for Statistical Sciences

Database Tutorials

What to do if a journal title is not available at UCT Libraries

If you cannot find a journal title at UCT Libraries or if UCT Libraries does not have the date of the journal article that you need, first search SACat(SABINET) to find out whether that journal is available at any other Southern African libraries.  

SACat (SABINET) is the joint catalogue of all major libraries in Southern Africa. The database gives details of books, journals and audiovisual material held in each library.

Once you have found that the journal title is available at another library in Southern Africa, you can request it via UCT Libraries Interlibrary Loans Department. The request can be done online once you have registered with the Interlibrary Loans Department. Alternatively, you can visit the Department in the library and make the request in person. You will then be notified by e-mail when the article arrives in the library.

Find out more about the Interlibrary Loans service.

Using Web of Science for your Research