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Niven Library - FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology Library Guide: Alerts to recent research

The library supports a number of themes - African ornithology, conservation biology, Antarctic and sub-antarctic biology, specifically birds.

Google Scholar

Setting up an alert profile on Google Scholar - this is my recommended solution

Navigate to Google Scholar

Click on Advanced Scholar Search

Compose your search

If you wish to limit the field, use the collections options to refine your search

Run your search, scroll to the bottom of the first screen

Click on Create email alert

Give your Alert Query a name, fill in your email address

Click on Create Alert

Respond to email sent to your email address to verify the alert

Web of Science

Setting up an alert profile on Web of Science

Navigate to Web of Knowledge

Go to UCT Library Home Page

Point at Electronic Resources, select Databases from the top of the list

Click on W in the alphabet across the top of the resulting screen

Select Web of Science, second on the list

Click on Web of Science

Create a My ResearcherID – remember your password for future use!

Run a search on Web of Science – NB the default is Web of Knowledge, you are unable to save alerts for this option

Click on Search History, click on the Save History/Create Alert button

Type in your email address and password (if you are not already logged in)

Give your history a name and description

Check the Send Me E-mail Alerts box

Fill in the delivery e-mail address, change the Alert type, and E-mail format, check the E-mail frequency radio button

Click on the Save button

You may create more than one alert if you have multiple research fields

Note that the alert has a 6 month lifespan