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Hiddingh Hall Library Guide: Turnitin Guide

A guide for Drama, History of Art and Fine Art students

Accessing Turnitin in your Vula faculty site

All registered Masters and PhD students should have access to the Humanities faculty Turnitin Vula site. Students are welcome to submit draft copies of their theses or dissertations to their particular faculty Turnitin Vula sites, to which they should have membership. The Turnitin report obtained via these sites should be discussed between student and supervisor.


To find the Humanities Turnitin Vula site, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Vula at
  2. Choose UCT Login and enter your UCT student number and password. For password issues, please use the Password Self Service ( or contact the ICTS Help Desk (
  3. Once logged into Vula, you will find yourself in your Vula Home page.
  4. Go to the Worksite Setup tool in the left-side menu and search for Turnitin. You should find your Turnitin faculty site, i.e. Turnitin 2020: Humanities

      Alternatively, click on the following link to navigate to your faculty site: Turnitin 2020: Humanities

  5. Further instructions are available on the site.

      Please note:

  • Files submitted need to be less than 40 MB. Files of larger size can be reduced by removing non-text content (pictures, graphs, etc.) or submitted by chapter or in sections.
  • A Turnitin report can take between an hour and 24 hours to generate. To view the report, you need to navigate back to the assignment in the Turnitin site in which you submitted the file.
  • Please ensure that you only submit your drafts and final copy to the faculty Turnitin Vula site. If you submit to assignments in other Vula sites, matches will occur between the documents submitted to the sites.‚Äč

Submitting an assignment - the process

Interpreting the Turnitin Report

The UCT Vula Help Team has a very helpful guide on how to interpret a Turnitin originality report.

This guide can be downloaded below:

Printing the Turnitin Report