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Gender Studies Library Guide: Databases & Finding Journal Articles

Gender Studies Library Guide

African Gender Studies Journals

Although most of our journals are electronic nowadays, you may still find yourself needing a printed journal. These are some of our print journals in Gender Studies.

  • Shelf numbers that start with BA are in the African Studies Library.
  • Shelf numbers that start with G are in the Government Publications Library.
  • Shelf numbers that start with M are in the Medical Library.
  • Shelf numbers that start with DH are in the Law Library.
  • Shelf numbers with no prefix are in the Main Library.

Lee, Ellis. Sex differences: summarizing more than a century of scientific research / 2008 R 155.33 SEX and RZCD 155.33 SEX

Gender and Media Diversity Centre. Gender and media diversity journal / 2006 [online] BA 302.2305 SOU

Agenda BA 305.405 AGE


Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa. Buwa!: a journal on African women's experiences  BA 305.405 BUW


Ife Centre for Psychological Studies/Service. Gender & behaviour BA 305.405 GEN


ABANTU for Development. Abantu news BA 305.4205 ABA

University of the Western Cape. Community Law Centre. GenderNews: quarterly newsletter BA 305.405 WOM


University of the Witwatersrand. Women’s Health Project WHP review: the quarterly journal of Women's Health Project BA 362.105 WOM


SA sports woman BA 796.096805 SOU


United Nations Development Fund for Women. Progress of the world’s women: UNIFEM biennial report G 494 ED.UNIF.PROG


African Centre for Gender and Social Development. Gender net: G 494 K.UNEC.GEND


Annual report of the Commission on Gender Equality G 68 ED.GEND


Southern African Development Community. SADC gender monitor G 68 SADC ED.GEND


SADC Parliamentary Forum. Annual report / G 68 SADC ED.GEND


Namibia. Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare. Gender watch G 688 K.GEND


Centre for Women’s Development Studies (New Delhi, India) Indian journal of gender studies DH 305.405 IND


National Association of Women and the Law Canadian journal of women and the law = : DH 342.087085 CAN


Women’s Legal Centre (South Africa). The Women’s Legal Centre news DH 342.087805 WOM


Violence against women M 362.829205 VIO


Women’s Health and Action Research Centre (Nigeria) African journal of reproductive health M 618.05 AFR


Feminism & psychology 150.8205 FEM


American Psychological Association. Psychology of women quarterly 155.63305 PSY


Journal of feminist studies in religion 291.1705 JOU


Hull Centre for Gender Studies. Journal of gender studies 305.305 JOU


African Gender Institute. Feminist Africa 305.405 FEM


Signs 305.405 SIG


Stir :Women’s studies international forum 305.405 WOM


Gender & history 305.4205 GEN


Hawwa: 305.4869705 HAW


Social politics: 306.205 SOC


Women & therapy 616.891405 WOM


African Gender Studies Journals

Journals are published every few weeks or months. They are academic magazines that contain articles on different topics. Journals are important for finding very up-to-date information, or very specific information on narrow topics. The great thing about journals nowadays is that so many of them are available electronically as well as in print.

Printed Journals

The latest unbound journals are kept on Level 5. The bound copies since 1965 are kept in the basement. Pre-1965 journals are kept in an off-campus store and can be requested from the Loans Desk. Use Primo to search for printed journals.

Electronic Journals

Electronic journals are full text journals to which UCT subscribes. They are useful because they are always available and because they can be searched by subject. Use the Journals link to search for journals online. 

African Gender Studies Databases

Databases for your subject include:


- AfricaWide

- EconLit

- Humanities International Complete

- PsychInfo

- SocIndex

Academic OneFile

CountryWatch (Login via IP from UCT or Off-Campus Login)

PAIS International and PAIS Archive   

Project Muse Premium Collection   

SA ePublications (now Sabinet African Journals)   

ScienceDirect (Full Text)   

Social Services Abstracts