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Nursing Library Guide: Journal articles

Guide to library resources for nursing students showing how to find information in books and journals, referencing and essay writing.

Referencing an article from a journal

Author. (Date). Title of article. Name of journal in italics. Vol, page numbers. doi:    

Note:  Only first word of title of article is capitalized

           Each word in name of journal is capitalized

             Volume number is in italics

             Only include issue number if each issue begins with page 1

             Include doi number if known

 In List of References

Ratnapalan, S. M., & Das, L. (2011). Causes of eye burns in children.

     Pediatric Emergency Care, 27, 151-156.


The objective was to ascertain the reported causes of burns to the eyes in children (Ratnapalan & Das, 2011).


In List of References

Riegel, B., Driscoll, A., Suwanno, J., Moser, D. K., Lennie, T. A., Chung, M. L., . . . Cameron, J. (2009). Heart failure

     self-care in developed and developing countries. Journal of Cardiac Failure, 15, 508-516.  


Note: List up to seven authors, if there are more than seven, list the first six, followed by … and then the last author’s name.


(Riegel et al., 2009)