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Social Development: Government Information: Library Guide: Social housing

A guide to finding government information for Social Development students.


Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) "established in August 2010 by the Minister of Human Settlements in terms of the Social Housing Act, No. 16 of 2008. The SHRA is classified as a public entity in terms of Schedule 3A of the Public Finance Management Act." Annual reports @ G 68 ES.SOCI.REGU Legislation & policy.

City of Cape Town. Apply for Social Housing

Western Cape. Social Housing Service

Social Housing Foundation. A Section 21 non-profit company established in 1997 in collaboration with the Department of Housing and in operation until 2010.  Annual reports, 2001/2002-2013 @ G 68 ES.SOCI

National Association of Social Housing Organisations. (NASHO) Non-governmental organisation.


Reports and papers

South Africa. Department of Human Settlements, Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation. Impact and Implementation Evaluation of the Social Housing Programme. Pretoria: Department of Human Settlements, Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, 2016.

South Africa. Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Impact and implementation evaluation of the Social Housing Programme. Pretoria: Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, 2015?

Social Housing Regulatory Authority. Final report: evaluation of the cost drivers of social housing development, April 2018.

Social Housing Regulatory Authority. Growing the sector by building on successes & leveraging opportunities: state of the social housing sector report 2017. 

Social Housing Regulatory Authority, Department of Human Settlements. State of the social housing sector report, 2016. Johannesburg: © Social Housing Regulatory Authority, 2017.

Social Housing Regulatory Authority. State of the social housing sector report, 2014/15. Johannesburg: Social Housing Regulatory Authority, 2016?

Social Housing Foundation (South Africa). Cost-Benefit Analysis: Social Rental Housing and RDP Housing: Final Report. Parktown, Johannesburg; Social Housing Foundation, 

Social Housing Foundation (South Africa).    Social Housing Foundation   research and development, e.g. Guidelines for social housing design, SA's social housing institutions and HIV/AIDS, Capacity building in the social housing sector, Social housing finance review, Social housing trends.    [Parktown, Johannesburg :   Social Housing Foundation,   2006]. GZCD 68 E.HOUS.06.SOCI 



Toolkits & manuals

Social Housing Foundation. Social housing institutions operational manual. Johannesburg :  Social Housing Foundation, 2004.

Social Housing Foundation. A toolkit for social housing institutions. Johannesburg :  Social Housing Foundation, 2000. Second edition.


South Africa. Dept. of Human Settlements.    National housing code, 2009. Part 3, Social housing policy.    Pretoria :   Department of Human Settlements,   2009. GO 68 E.HOUS.09.NATI

South Africa. Department of Housing. Framework for an Inclusionary Housing Policy (IHP) in South Africa. [Pretoria : Department of Housing,] June 2007.

Social Housing Foundation (South Africa).    Social housing policy for South Africa :   towards an enabling environment for social housing development /    [Johannesburg :   Social Housing Foundation],   2005.  G 68 E.HOUS.05.SOCI

A social housing policy for South Africa :   towards an enabling environment for social housing development /    [Pretoria :   Department of Housing,   2003]. Revised draft.  G 68 E.HOUS.03.SOCI


South Africa. Dept. of Housing.    Social housing policy review :   key issues /    [Pretoria :   Department of Housing],   2004. G 68 E.HOUS.04.SOCI


South African Local Government Association. Municipal guidelines on social and rental housing

South Africa. Dept. of Local Government and National Housing (1991-1994).    Housing subsidy scheme :   introduced in terms of interim arrangements for housing agreed between the Department of Local Government and National Housing and the National Housing Forum : implementation Manual. Part Four, Guidelines for social housing subsidies.   [Pretoria :   Department of Local Government and National Housing,   1994]. G 68 E.HOUS.94.HOUS


Social Housing Act 16 of 2008

Search the Parliamentary Monitoring Group for Parliamentary debates, public hearings, submissions and briefings.

Social Housing Regulations, Government Notice R51 in Government Gazette 34970, dated 26 January 2012. 

Rules in respect of the Transfer of Social Housing Stock or Rights and the Disposal of Social Housing Stock, 2014. General Notice 64 in Government Gazette 38427 dated 28 January 2015. 

Sources: University of Pretoria. Laws of South Africa: Consolidated Legislation  AND  Social Housing Regulatory Authority. Legislation & policy.



South African Housing Regulatory Authority. Housing finance public hearing, October 2011.

Search the Parliamentary Monitoring Group for further public hearings, submissions and briefings.

Journal article

The Development of social housing in South Africa. Delivery :   the magazine for local government, edition 12. G 68 K.DELI