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A guide to finding government information for Social Development students.


South Africa. Department of Employment and Labour. The National Minimum Wage Commission proposal for 2024 adjustment. Pretoria: Government Printing Works, December 2023. In: South Africa. Government gazette no. 49835 (6 December 2023), Govt. notice no. R.4168. 

3rd National Men's Parliament, 19 November 2023. 

Statistics South Africa. Gender Series Volume X. Gender Disparities in Access to and Use of ICT in South Africa, 2016–2022. Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, 2023. (Report no. 03-10-27)

South Africa. Department of Social Development. Draft policy on social development services to persons with disabilities. Pretoria: Government Printing Works, October 2023. In: SA. Government gazette no. 49505 (16 October 2023), Government notice no. 3966. 

"The National Minimum Wage (NMW) Commission is inviting all interested parties to submit written representations concerning possible adjustments to the NMW in 2024."

South Africa. Department of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities. Fifth Annual Progress Report on Implementation of the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities April 2020 - March 2021. Pretoria: Government Printing Works, September 2023. In: South Africa. Government gazette no. 49325 (22 September 2023), Govt. notice no. 3901.

Statistics South Africa. Marginalised groups, Series IV. The social profile of older persons, 2017-2021. Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, 2023. (Report no. 03-19-08)

International Labour Organization. World social protection report, 2020-2022: regional companion report for Africa. Geneva: International Labour Organization, 2022.

Report of the National Minimum Wage Commission on the review and adjustment of the national minimum wage for year 2022. In: South Africa. Government gazette no. 47752 (15 Dec. 2022), Govt. notice no. R.2871



About this guide

This is a guide to government information for Social Development students. It includes pages on specific topics with catalogue records of publications in the Government Publications Department of UCT Libraries, on-line links to publications and links to websites. 

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About this Department

The Government Publications Department houses a central collection of government publications, including policy, legislation, statistics, public finance, parliamentary debates, government gazettes and planning publications. We collect publications from many African countries as well as regional inter-governmental organisations and some international governmental organisations.

We provide a specialised information service and can help you find publications and information in a wide range of electronic and print sources on a variety of topics.

We collect publications from the shelves for you. You may borrow loan copies of publications. Because government publications are primary sources one copy of each publication must stay in the library at all times. 

You may use government publications in the main part of the Library when we are closed, except for old material.


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