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Researching & Writing a Scholarly Paper: Microsoft tips and tricks

This guide is there to assist you with the basics of researching and writing in the academic world


If you are using Microsoft Word, make use of the built in tools that will help you.

These tools include the following:

  • Inserting page numbers, and differentiating between different pages (such as (i), (ii), 1, 2)
  • Using the table of contents generator to automatically create a table of contents and designate headings
  • Inserting footnotes and cross-referencing

Inserting page numbers

Table of contents

Insert Footnotes and cross-reference

In Microsoft Word, go to the 'References' tab. At the end of the sentence / word you wish to reference, simply click on "Insert Footnote" and then type you reference.

To cross-reference, use the 'cross-reference' tool in the captions box. When it asks you what you want to cross-reference to - select 'Footnotes' from the options, and then select the footnote you wish to reference.