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How to find information - a guide for Civil Engineering students

Wessex Water debuts ‘Bio Bus’ which runs on human waste from Bristol to Bath

A NEW bus which has begun operating in the UK uses a fuel that will never ever run out.

The 40-seater ‘Bio Bus’, which runs between Bristol Airport and Bath, is powered by methane gas stored in tanks on the roof. The methane gas is produced by human waste and food waste. The carbon dioxide is extracted and the mixture given a little kick by propane. One tank of the gas — equivalent to the waste output of five people — can fuel the bus for a 300 kilometre journey. The gas is being produced at a Wessex Water sewerage plant run by energy firm GENeco.

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The Mercedes’ self-driving truck

Mercedes-Benz calls it a “visually exciting and technically feasible take on the long-distance truck of tomorrow”.

We call it bloody terrifying. Welcome, everyone, to Merc’s ‘Future Truck 2025′.
As the name suggest, it’s a rig built for the future but using technology that’s not far off: technology like autonomous driving, which will almost definitely result in the fall of mankind and the Destruction Of All Things.


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Use this guide to explore resources relating to Civil Engineering. There are separate tabs for print books and theses, databases, as well as some suggestions for helpful web resources.

If you are having problems finding suitable information or just need help getting started please contact me either by phone or email.

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