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Economic History: Industries in the 1920s and 1930s: Government Resources: Library Guide: Agricultural sector

Economic History Research Project.


Agricultural census reports
G 68 A.AGRI (First one, 1911, in Population Census, 1911, part 10) 1918-1929/30, 1933/34-1938/39.


   Farming in South Africa. Pretoria : Dept. of Agriculture, 1926-1973.


South Africa. The agricultural position and the government’s proposals in regard thereto. [Cape Town] : Cape Times, [1939].

South Africa. Treasury. The depressed state of the farming industry and the proposals of the government in regard thereto. [South Africa : s.n.], 1933. G 68 E.FINA.33.DEPR

South Africa. Committee of the Cabinet appointed to deal with matters concerning the Cost of Living.
Report no. 1, Agricultural prices and control boards. Cape Town : Cape Times, [1938?] G 68 E.AGRI.38.REPO (1 copy)

Annual reports

South Africa. Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry. Annual report of the Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry. Pretoria : Govt. Printer, 1935-1945. G 68 ED(AGRI)

Reports for 1926/27 to 1934 were published in Farming in South Africa G 68 K.FARM

South Africa, Dept. of Agriculture. Reports, 1920/1921-1925/1926 in Annual departmental reports (abridged). Pretoria : Gov. Printer. G 68 ED(DEPA)

South Africa, Dept. of Agriculture. Reports with appendices, 1913/14-1919/20.    G 68 ED(AGRI)