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Economic History: Industries in the 1920s and 1930s: Government Resources: Library Guide: Industrial Conciliation Act

Economic History Research Project.

Select Committee report

South Africa. Parliament. House of Assembly. Select Commitee on the Industrial Conciliation Bill. Report of the Select Commitee on the Industrial Conciliation Bill. Cape Town : Cape Times, Government Printers, 1923. (S.C. 5/1923)    G 68 ESC 1923, Vol. 2.

Industrial Conciliation Act

South Africa. Industrial Conciliation Act 11 of 1924.   Statutes of the Union of South Africa, 1924. Cape Town : Government Printer, 1924. G 68 FLA 1924.

Debates in Parliament

South Africa. Parliament. House of Assembly. Debates of the House of Assembly, 1924, Vol. I. Cape Town : Cape Times, Parliamentary Printers, 1924. 

1st reading, page 3; 2nd reading, page 16; Committee stage, pages 150, 162, 203; amendments considered, pages 502, 510, 3rd reading, page 570.

Commission report

South Africa. Industrial Legislation Commission.    Report of the Industrial Legislation Commission.    Pretoria,   Govt. Printer,   1935. G 68 EUG 37/1935.    Covers wage rates, the Wage Act 1925, the Industrial Conciliation Act 1924 and the Apprenticeship Act 1922.