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Economic History: Industries in the 1920s and 1930s: Government Resources: Library Guide: Wage Board

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The Wage Board was established by the Wage Act 27 of 1925.

The Wage Act was amended by the Wage Determination Validation Act 21 of 1930, the Wage Act, 1925, Amendment Act 23 of 1930, and the Wage Determination Validation Act 16 of 1935. 

It was replaced by the Wage Act 44 of 1937.


Wage determinations for the various industries were published in the South African Government gazette. We can search the online Gazette to find specific determinations. 

Journal article

Lucas, F. A. W.    The determination of wages in South Africa.    [Johannesburg :   Council of the Economic Society of South Africa,   1933.]  G 68 E.LABO.33.DETE

PDF copy on Reference Desk desktop.

About the Wage Board

The Wage Board was established by the Wage Act 27 of 1925, which came into operation on 12 February 1926. The Board investigated and reported on the wages, rates, hours and conditions of labour in industries. For more detail and the aims of the Wage Board read:  The Work of the Wage Board: report to the Honourable the Minister of Labour by the Wage Board upon the work of the Board for the three years ended 28th February 1929.    G 68 JL1 no. 1/1929.

Wage Board reports

The Wage Board published reports on the industries it investigated. This Department has reports mostly from the 1960's to the early 1980's. The earlier reports are available in the Library of Parliament. Use the Index to the manuscript annexures and printed papers of the House of Assembly, including …, 1910-1961 to find  the Annexure numbers. 

Parliamentary publications

Report of the Select Committee on the Wage Bill. Cape Town : Cape Times, Government Printers, 1925.    G 68 ESC 14/1925.

Use the Debates (Hansard) for the speeches and discussions on the Wage Bill and amendments. G 68 D.ASSE for House of Assembly; G 68 D.SENA for Senate.

Commission reports

South Africa. Economic and Wage Commission.    Report of the Economic and Wage Commission, 1925.    [Pretoria :   Govt. Printer,   1926]                            G 68 EUG 14/1926

South Africa. Industrial Legislation Commission.    Report of the Industrial Legislation Commission.    Pretoria,   Govt. Printer,   1935. G 68 EUG 37/1935.    Covers wage rates, the Wage Act 1925, the Industrial Conciliation Act 1924 and the Apprenticeship Act 1922.