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Youth: Government Resources: Library Guide: Botswana

A guide to sources of government and international governmental organisations on youth issues.


G 6873 E.HEAL.10.FACT
National AIDS Co-ordinating Agency (Botswana), issuing body.
   Factsheet on statistical data of young people (10-29 yrs) on HIV and AIDS and sexual reproductive health in Botswana. National AIDS Coordinating Agency, Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture --    Gaborone : National AIDS Coordinating Agency, 2010
   32 pages : illustrations are in colour, colour charts ; 15 cm.


G 6873 E.YOUT.10.REVI   Botswana. Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Culture.    Revised national youth policy, 2010.    [Gaborone] :   Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture,   2010.

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture. National action plan for youth, 2010-2016

G 6873 E.HEAL.03.ADOL
   Adolescent sexual & reproductive health implementation strategy / Republic of Botswana, Ministry of Health. --    [Gaborone?] : Family Health Division, Ministry of Health, 2003.
   47 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.


G 6873 E.CULT.96.NATI
   National youth policy / Republic of Botswana, Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs. --    [Gaborone] : The Ministry, Dept. of Culture and Social Welfare, [1996].
   34 p. ; 30 cm.


Employment Cap. 47:01. Part XI. Employment of Children and Young Persons

Definition: "young person" means a person who has attained the age of 15 years but is under the age of 18 years.

Youth at risk

Botswana. Ministry of Education and Skills Development. First Botswana youth risk behavioural surveillance survey: technical report. Botswana:  Ministry of Education and Skills Development, November 2012.