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Economics Library Guide: Books

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Shelf Numbers in Economics

At UCT Libraries, books are organized according to subject. Each subject (and sub-subject) is assigned a number. This number, which can be called a call number or a shelf number, is like a street address for a book. At UCT Libraries, because we use the Dewey Decimal System, this number can also be called the Dewey number. Here are the main shelf numbers in Economics:

  • 330 Economics (General)
  • 331 Labour economics
  • 332 Financial economics
  • 333 Land economics
  • 334 Cooperatives
  • 335 Socialism & related systems
  • 336 Public finance
  • 337 International economics
  • 338 Production
  • 339 Macroeconomics & related topics

Where in the library?

Here is where you will find the different Shelf Numbers in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library:

  • 001-359 Upper level terrace starting next to Park 'n Read
  • 360-699 Upper level North, Undergraduate Wing
  • 700-999 Lower level (down the spiral stairs)


How to look for books using Primo

Loan rules

Undergraduate: 6 books for 7 days

Postgraduate: 12 books for 30 days

UCT Staff: 30 books for 90 days

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