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South African Homelands: Library Guide: Ciskei

A guide to the holdings of the homelands in the Government Publications Department of the University of Cape Town Libraries.

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The Ciskeian General Council was established with effect from 1 April 1934, in terms of the Native Affairs Act 23 of 1920 and the Native Administration Act 38 of 1927, by Proclamation No. 34 in SA Government Gazette No. 2177 of 9 March 1934. 

The Ciskeian General Council was disestablished with effect from 1 January 1956, by Proclamation No. 279 in SA Government Gazette No. 5600 of 23 December 1955.

The Ciskeian Territorial Authority was established in terms of the Bantu Authorities Act 68 of 1951, by Government Notice No. R.496 in SA Government Gazette No. 6656 of 24 March 1961.

The Government departments of the Ciskeian Territorial Authority were established by Proclamation No. R143 in SA Government Gazette No. 2092 of 12 June 1968.

The Ciskeian Legislative Assembly was established with effect from 1 June 1971 by Proclamation No. R.118 in SA Government Gazette No. 3110 of 21 May 1971

Ciskei became a self-governing territory within the Republic in accordance with the provisions of the Bantu Homelands Constitution Act 21 of 1971 by Proclamation No. R.187 in SA Government Gazette No. 2622 of 28 July 1972. Called the Ciskei Constitution Proclamation, 1972. 

The Status of Ciskei Act 110 of 1981 granted Ciskei "independence."

Military Council of State             1990


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