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South African Homelands: Library Guide: Home

A guide to the holdings of the homelands in the Government Publications Department of the University of Cape Town Libraries.

National legislation

Bantu Authorities Act 68 of 1951

Promotion of Bantu Self-government Act No. 46 of 1959

Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act 26 of 1970

Bantu Homelands Constitution Act No. 21 of 1971

Revocation and Assignment of Powers of Self-governing Territories Act 107 of 1993


Many books will have maps, e.g., Christopher, A. J. (Anthony John). The Atlas of Apartheid  London: Routledge, 1994. Shelf nos.320.56 CHRI & R 323.168 CHRI

Michigan State University. South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy. Bantustans and Natural and Economic Resources

About this guide

This is a guide to the holdings of homelands publications in the Government Publications collections of the University of Cape Town Libraries. This collection was destroyed by the fire of 18 April 2021. 


Kotzé, D. A. Bibliography of official publications of the black South African homelands. Pretoria : UNISA, 1983. Shelf no. GR 968.021 KOTZ

Kotzé, D. A (Dirk Albertus). Bibliography of Official Publications of the Black South African Homelands. Pretoria: University of South Africa, 1979. Shelf no. BA 968.021 KOTZ

Annual reference books

 South Africa : Official Yearbook of the Republic of South Africa. Pretoria: South African Bureau of National and International Communication. Shelf no. GR 968.05 SOUT, R 316.805 SOU

South African Institute of Race Relations. Race Relations Survey. Johannesburg: SAIRR. Shelf nos. 323.16805 SUR, BAJ 323.16805 SUR, GR 323.16805 SURV


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