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South African Homelands: Library Guide: KwaNdebele

A guide to the holdings of the homelands in the Government Publications Department of the University of Cape Town Libraries.

KwaNdebele Resources List

Library Resources

See above: KwaNdebele Resources List


Ndebele Territorial Authority established by Government Notice No. R.2021 in  SA Government Gazette No. 5766 of 7 October 1977.

KwaNdebele Legislative Assembly established with effect from 1 October 1979, by Proclamation R.205 of 1979 in SA Government Gazette No. 6661 of 14 September 1979.  Called the KwaNdebele Constitution Proclamation, 1979.   

KwaNdebele Government departments were established by Proclamation R.206 of 1979 in SA Government Gazette No. 6661 of 14 September 1979.                    

KwaNdebele established as a self-governing territory within the Republic of South Africa in accordance with the provisions of the National States Constitution Act, 1971 (Act 21 of 1971), with effect from 1 April 1981, by Proclamation No. R.60 in SA Government Gazette No. 7499 of 20 March 1981.