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South African Homelands: Library Guide: Transkei

A guide to the holdings of the homelands in the Government Publications Department of the University of Cape Town Libraries.

Transkei Resources List

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Transkeian Territories General Council                  1894

The Pondoland General Council was established by Proclamation No. 169 in SA Government Gazette No. 131 of  7 July 1911.                               

The Transkeian Territories General Council and the Pondoland General Council were amalgamated to become the United Transkeian Territories General Council, with effect from 1 January 1931, by Proclamation No. 279 in SA Government Gazette No. 1911 of 28 November 1930.

The Transkeian Territorial Authority was established to replace the United Transkeian Territories General Council, by Proclamation No. 180 in SA Government Gazette No. 5736 of 31 August 1956.

The Transkei was granted self-government by the Transkei Constitution Act 48 of 1963. This Act established the Transkei Legislative Assembly and the government departments.

The Transkei was granted "independence" by the Status of Transkei Act 100 of 1976.

Military Council                                                         1987


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