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South African Homelands: Library Guide: KaNgwane

A guide to the holdings of the homelands in the Government Publications Department of the University of Cape Town Libraries.

KaNgwane Resources List

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KaNgwane Constitution Proclamation 148 of 1984


The Swazi Territorial Authority was established in terms of the  Bantu Authorities Act 68 of 1951, by Government Notice No. R.2249 in SA Government Gazette No. 4913 of 28 November 1975.

KaNgwane Legislative Assembly was established with effect from 1 October 1977 by Proclamation R. 214 in SA Government Gazette No. 5742 of 16 September 1977.  Called the KaNgwane Constitution Proclamation. 1977. 

The KaNgwane Government departments were established by No. R.215  in SA Government Gazette No. 5742 of 16 September 1977.                

KaNgwane was proclaimed a self­ governing territory within the Republic of South Africa In accordance with the provisions of the Natlonal States Constitution Act 21 of 1971, wth effect from 31 August 1984, by Proclamation No. 148 in SA Government Gazette No. 9408 of 31 August 1984.