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Research Impact Library Guide: ORCID & other Research ID's

The guide covers ways you can measure your impact as a researcher.


ORCID provides persistent identifier to you, the researcher, as you engage in research, scholarship and innovation activities. ORCID enable you to have transparent and trustworthy connections with your research contribution and your affiliation resulting in simplified reporting. 

Set up your ORCID iD


Step 1. To register for ORCID account go to and select 'Register for an Account' option



Step 2. Complete the registration form

Snippet of form to fill in order to have ORCID


Step 3. See if the registered details are correct 


Step 4. Account creation will be confirmed


Step 5. Use the plus (+) sign to add content to a desired biography section


Step 6. To edit fields click on the pen icon 

Step 7. Verify your email address. You will receive a verification email.

Step 10. Manage content visibility using, visibility icons (everyone, trusted parties or only me)


To link your ORCID iD to University of Cape Town (UCT), follow the instructions below:

  • Open sign in button from ORCID webpage,
  • Select 'Institutional Account' option,


  • Pick University of Cape Town and 'Continue'


  • Sign in using your UCT user credentials


  • By signing in using your ORCID, you have linked your ORCID iD with UCT.


  • Once you have linked, you will be able to directly access your ORCID account using your institutional credentials through the 'Institutional Account'.


From Scopus

Step 1: Use one of the options to add your publications to your ORCID account

Step 2: Add your research outputs by searching from various links

Step 3: Authorize your activity

Step 4: Select outputs with appropriate author name and affiliations


Step 5: Select the preferred profile name

Step 6: Review your authored publications and search for missing documents


Step 7: Review the Scopus profile


Step 8. Complete by sending your publications to ORCID


From CrossRef


For one-on-one help contact your subject librarian.


  Find Frequently Asked Questions about ORCID.


Video playing button See helpful short videos on ORCID.