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Music Library Guide: SAGE Research Methods

Library guide for Music & Dance students & staff

Sample titles of books in SAGE Research Methods

  • The A-Z of Social Research
  • The Active Interview
  • Advances in Mixed Methods Research
  • Blending Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods in Theses and Dissertations
  • Case Study Method
  • Classroom-based Research and Evidence-based Practice
  • The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Management Research
  • The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education
  • The SAGE Handbook of Case-Based Methods

and many more...

More available in SAGE Research Methods

Critical reading = 12 items

Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning

“A framework for critical research”

“Developing a Critical Approach”

“Making the Most of Reading”

and more

Managing and Organizing Your Literature

and more on citations

 Improving Your Writing Efficiency

and more on writing

SAGE Research Methods: a database focusing on research methodology. Invaluable for any researcher.

A few examples of resources available:

Videos in SAGE Research Methods

When should I choose a mixed methods approach?

How do I choose between different research methods?

When should a researcher choose a qualitative approach?

What factors should someone consider when conducting an online interview in real time?

For undergraduates