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Film Studies Library Guide: Looking for Articles

A guide to resources for Film Studies @ UCT Libraries

Three Ways of Locating Articles

There are three ways of finding articles through the UCT Libraries' homepage.    

One can search for articles through PRIMO or via the Databases (as described below) or using Google Scholar

Where to start ...

Databases  collect, organise and index information from journals, books, book chapters, theses and dissertations, magazines and other sources.   

Search for articles using databases by typing in keywords that describe your topic.

It is possible to search across a whole range of databases at one time for articles on a particular subject.   Many of these articles will be immediately available in full text, but some only as abstracts (summaries) or citations.    Not all these articles will be available at UCT Libraries,  so you may need to ask Interlibrary Loans to obtain the article for you from another library.