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Poverty in South Africa: Government Resources: Library Guide: Programmes


Programme to Support Pro-poor Policy Development (PSPPD) "a research and capacity-building programme which promotes the use of research and other evidence in policy interventions that address poverty and inequality." 

Programme to Support Pro-poor Policy Development. Building a capable state : the work and legacies of the Programme to Support Pro-poor Policy Development. Pretoria? : Programme to Support Pro-poor Policy Development, 2017?

Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection. Policy brief : Strengthening Pro-Poor Policies Towards Social Cohesion in South Africa. Pretoria? : Programme to Support Pro-poor Policy Development, January 2017. 

The Food Banks Programme is part of the Zero Hunger Strategy. The Government allocates funds to the non-profit organisation Food Forward SA.

Innovation for Poverty Alleviation ProgrammeDepartment of Science and Technology

Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)  "an important avenue for labour absorption and income transfers to poor households in the short to medium-term."

Integrated Food Security and Nutrition Programme (IFSNP)

Model for the implementation of Household Food Security and Nutrition Programme

Social Relief of Distress Grant

Makiwane, Monda & Rama, Sharmla (2004). Research study on the Social Relief of Distress Programme. Pretoria : HSRC


Articles on social security programmes

Financial and Fiscal Commission. Submission for the division of revenue, 2015/16. Chapter 3, Social programmes and the need for reform.

Mabugu, R., M. Chitiga, I. Fofana, B. Abidoye. and V. Mbanda. Assessing the General Equilibrium Effects of Social Grants in South Africa In:  Financial and Fiscal Commission. 2015/16 Technical report : submission for division of revenue, Chapter 2. 

Siebrets, Kriege and Servaas van der Berg. Social assistance reform during a period of fiscal stressFinancial and Fiscal Commission. 2011/12 Technical report : submission for division of revenue, Chapter 2. 

Khumalo, Lindiwe P. An Evaluation Of Existing and Past Poverty Alleviation Programmes.TIPS Forum 2003. 


Motala, Shirin. The National Development Agency (NDA) impact evaluation study of funded projects, 2007-2012. Johannesburg: Research and Development, Directorate Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, National Development Agency, March 2016.

Madikizela, M., N. Ntshaka. Status of Government’s Poverty Reduction Programmes: Focus on DST’s Social Impact Programme. Pretoria: National Advisory Council on Innovation, August 2010

Friedman I, and Bhengu L, Fifteen Year Review Of Income Poverty Alleviation Programmes In The Social and Related Sectors Durban: Health Systems Trust; 2008. "funded by GTZ on behalf of the Policy and Advisory Services Unit of the Presidency, Government of South Africa."

South Africa. Public Service Commission. Branch: Monitoring and Evaluation.    Report on the evaluation of government's poverty reduction programme.    Pretoria :   Public Service Commission,   [2007]. G 68 E.PUBL.07.EVAL

South Africa. Public Service Commission. Branch: Monitoring and Evaluation.    Report on an audit of government's poverty reduction programmes and projects.   Pretoria :   Public Service Commission ,   [2007]. G 68 E.PUBL.07.AUDI