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Vancouver Referencing Style @ UCT: Government / Organizational resources

Vancouver Referencing Style is extensively used in the biomedical and health sciences.

Government / Organizational sources


Acts of Parliament:

       Country. Title of the act and the number of the act and the year it was passed.


        1. South Africa. Mental Health  Act No. 12 of 2014.



 Bill of Rights:

        Country. Title of the bill, bill number and date.


        2.  South Africa. Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Bill, B12C-2008. 



 Green/White Papers:

       Country. Title of the paper. Year of publication.


       3. South Africa. Green paper on families: promoting family life and strengthening families in South            Africa. 2011.




       Country. Department. Title of the report. Year it was released. Available from: web address


       4. South Africa. Statistics South Africa. Millenium development goals: country report.            2010 [cited 2014 Oct 27]. Available from:\



 Government Gazettes:

       Country. Department. Name of the act (act number and year). Title of the gazette. Gazette        number:notice number. Year of the gazette.


     5.   South Africa. Department of Health. National Policy for Health Act, 1990 (Act No. 116 of 1990).            Free primary health care service. Government Gazette No. 17507:1514.


 Provincial gazettes:

       Province (country). Department. Title of the gazette. Gazette number:notice number.


      6. Gauteng (South Africa). Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Land           Affairs. Publication of the Gauteng Health care waste management draft regulations.          Gauteng Provincial Gazette No. 373:3003.