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Energy in South Africa, post 1993: Government Resources: Library Guide: Legislation and Parliament

A guide for the Economic History research project

Government notices

South Africa. Department of Trade, Industry and Competition. Notice in terms of the Competition Act No. 89 of 1998 (as amended.) Energy Suppliers Block Exemption 2023. In: South Afrrica. Government Gazette No. 48650 (14 May 2023), Government notice no. 3446.


Eskom Debt Relief Bill (B5-2023)

Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill 2023 (Draft, approved by Cabinet.)

Bills are draft laws that are debated in Parliament and passed (or not) as Acts. Early Bills were published in the Government Gazettes. We have separate print versions of Bills from the 1970's onwards. For recent years the Bills are online on the South African Government website, the Parliamentary Monitoring Group website, Sabinet Legal's Parliamentary Bills and Sabinet's Bill Tracker database.


Acts are the laws passed by Parliament. When consolidated they are referred to as Statutes. The Acts are published in the Government Gazettes. We have annual volumes of Acts. For recent years individual Acts are available on the South African Government website and Sabinet's Government Gazettes database. Be aware that the current consolidated versions of Acts are available in databases, Netlaw, LexisNexis South Africa and the University of Pretoria's Laws of South Africa: Consolidated Legislation.

Regulations and Government Notices are subsidiary legislation published by Government Departments in the Government Gazette. The current and retrospective Gazettes are available through Sabinet and LexisNexis. We have the Gazettes in print until 2012. 

Western Cape Provincial Parliament

The Western Cape Provincial Parliament has an Ad Hoc Committee on the Energy Crisis. You may find the Minutes and Reports of this Committee here: Committee documents, by selecting the Committee, e,g., Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Energy Crisis on its Oversight Undertaken during the Period 28 April 2023 to 7 February 2024, as at 17 April 2024. 

Parliamentary information

The Parliamentary Debates/Hansard have the verbatim records of proceedings in Parliament. You can follow the proceedings on the Bills until they were passed as Acts. There may also be useful information in the Appropriation Bill/Budget debates of the relevant departments. The Questions and Replies may also have information.  Print Debates are @ G 68 D.ASSE for House of Assembly/National Assembly, G 68 D.SENA for the Senate and G 68 D.PROV for the National Council of Provinces. Recent Debates are online on Parliament's website from 1999 and on the Parliamentary Monitoring Group's website since 2006.

The Parliamentary Monitoring Group has the records of the Parliamentary Committees since 1998, including briefings, submissions, minutes and tabled reports.

The Sabinet Legal Policy Documents database includes briefing papers.

Sabinet Law Current Legal News provides information on new legislation and policies.