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Early Childhood Development: Government Resources: Library Guide: Organisation, legislation & finance

A guide for Social Development students.


South Africa. Parliament. House of Assembly. Portfolio Committee on  Basic Education. ECD migration from DSD to DBE; Tracking progress in ECD service delivery: NGO briefing, 03 March 2020. (Includes presentations, committee reports and South African Early Childhood Review 2019.)

Three Government Departments are partners in Early Childhood Development: the Department of Basic Education, the Department of Health and the Department of Social Development. The Department of Social Development co-ordinates their activities and funds ECD centres.

Department of Social Development. Funding for Early Childhood Development Centres

Department of Basic Education. Early Childhood Development

"To manage the development, evaluation and maintenance of policy, programmes and systems for Early Childhood Development."

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education. Early Childhood Development (ECD)

UNICEF South Africa. Early Childhood Development

"With a strong presence in South Africa, UNICEF is a leading advocate for children."


Children's Act 38 of 2005, as amended. Go to Laws of South Africa: Consolidated Legislation; choose Current Legislation; then Family; then Children's Act 38 of 2005.


Carter, Jonathan, Linda Biersteker, Judith Streak. Costing centre-based early childhood development programmes for children under age five : case studies from the Western Cape. Pretoria : Human Sciences Research Council, September 2008.


Financial and Fiscal Commission. Financing early childhood development infrastructure. Pretoria : Financial and Fiscal Commission, 2015 (Policy brief 5/2015) Shelf no. G 68 E.FINA.15.FINA

Financial and Fiscal Commission. Submission for the 2016/17 Division of Revenue. Chapter 5, Fiscal arrangements for financing early childhood development infrastructure. Pretoria : Financial and Fiscal Commission, 2016.

For public expenditure on early childhood development consult the Estimates of national expenditure Vote for Social Development, e.g., Budget 2018. Estimates of national expenditure. Vote 17, Social Development

South Africa. Department of Basic Education, Department of Social Development, and UNICEF (2010). Tracking public expenditure and assessing service quality in Early Childhood Development in South Africa. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.10.TRAC

South Africa. Parliament. National Council of Provinces. Early Childhood Development Expenditure: National & Provincial Education; Social Development Departments & National Treasury briefings, 29 August 2008.