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Marketing Library Guide: Home

A guide to resources for Marketing.

Marketing Books

Marketing in South Africa : consumer landscape - concepts and cases‎

Overview of the South African consumer landscape. An overview of the South African consumer market ; Survivors ; The missing and disillusioned middle ; Black middle class ; Top end ...


(received 13 July 2010)

Marketing research

(received 7 September 2010)

Essentials of marketing

(received 16 Nov 2010)

Exploring marketing research

(received 2 Nov 2010)

New Books

NEW Books List in Chancellor Oppenheimer Library


This guide will assist you to discover and use resources relating to Marketing. To find specific resources like books, articles and journals you may use the navigation tabs. 


If you are having problems finding suitable information or just need help getting started please contact me either by email or phone: 021 650 4476.



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