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ZivaHub Data Sharing and Publishing: Citing Research

This guide details all the information needed when using UCT's Institutional Repository ZivaHub

Citing Research

Citing research on ZivaHub

The use of any item that is openly published on ZivaHub is restricted by the open license that that item was published under. Very few items are published as CC0 or “public domain”, with the most common open license being CC-BY. This means that the use of almost any published item, even if you published it yourself, will require a citation.

Every item published on ZivaHub is allocated a DataCite Digital Object Identifier (DOI), meaning that all of the research outputs on the repository can be cited using traditional citation methods, regardless of the form that these research outputs take (i.e. anything from Educational Resource to Software - see: The ZivaHub Item Types).

The DOI should be included whenever reference is made to items published on ZivaHub as the use of this persistent identifier means the resource is findable.

ZivaHub, and by extension Figshare, have made it simple and easy to cite any item that is published on the system. In order to cite an item:

Citing an item using ZivaHub

  • Navigate to that items ZivaHub page

  • Click the button underneath the preview window.

  • This will open the citation widget.

  • Using the widget you can choose one of many citation styles from the drop-down list.

  • Once the citation format you desire has been selected, hover your mouse cursor over the citation to highlight it and then use your copy shortcut keys to copy it (Ctrl/CMD + C).

  • The DOI can be copied in the same way.

Exporting citations

It is also possible to export the citation to RefWorks, BibTex, Endnote, DataCite, NLM, DC or Reference manager. To do this use the Export options at the bottom of the right-hand side pane on the items ZivaHub page.

Citing before publishing

You may wish to cite an item before it has been published, for example, you may need to cite a data set in a research article, but not want to publish the data set before the research article is published. 


In this case, you can reserve a DOI by using the option on the items metadata sheet before publishing.

Note that you will only be able to cite the item once all required metadata fields have been completed.


Additional Resources