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African Legislation : Library Guide: Ethiopia

Guide to legislation in print and online


Ewing, William H. Consolidated Laws of Ethiopia : an Unofficial Compilation of National Laws in Effect as of Sept. 10, 1969. Addis Ababa: Faculty of Law, Haile Sellassie I. University, 1972.  In the Law Library. Shelf no. DH 348.6302 ETHI


Criminal code

Ethiopia.    Proclamation No. 414/2004 :   the Criminal Code of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.    Addis Ababa :   Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise,   [2005] Shelf no. G 63 FL.CRIM.05.PROC

Government gazettes

Ethiopia, issuing body.    Nagārit gāzéṭā =   Negarit gazeta.    [Addis Ababa] :   [publisher not identified] Shelf no. G 63 G Holdings, 2011/2012 onwards.


Abdella Ali. YaʼItyop̣yā fédarāl ḥegoč dāyréktori (māmalākačā) = Directory of Federal laws of ethiopia.  [Addis Ababa]: Ethiopian Lawyers Association, November 2015. Shelf no. GR 340.02563 ABDE


Freedom of information

Ethiopia, enacting jurisdiction.    Proclamation no. 590/2008 :   a proclamation to provide for freedom of the mass media and access to information.    [Ethiopia] :   [Place of publication not specified],   [Date of publication not specified] Shelf no. G 63 FR.INFO.08.PROC


Ethiopia, enacting jurisdiction.    Proclamation no. 211/2000 :   a proclamation to provide for the establishment of the Institution of the Ombudsman.    [Ethiopia] :   [Place of publication not specified],   [Date of publication not specified]. Shelf no. G 63 FR.OMBU.00.PROC


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