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Protection, care and support for an AIDS-free generation :   a call to action for all children /    [New York] :   UNICEF,   2014. G 494 E.UNIC.14.PROT

UNICEF. Children and AIDS: Sixth Stock-taking Report, 2013

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G 494 E.UNIC.07.CHIL   Children and AIDS :   third stocktaking report, 2008.    New York, NY :   UNICEF,   [2008]

G 494 E.UNIC.07.CHIL   

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G 494 E.UNIC.05.CALL   Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.    A call to action :   children, the missing face of AIDS /    [New York?] :   United Nations Children's Fund ,   2005.

G 73 E.USAI.05.USAI   GZCD 73 E.USAI.05.USAI   USAID project profiles :   children affected by HIV/AIDS /    [Washington, DC :   U.S. Agency for International Development],   2005.

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G 494 E.UNAI.01.CHIL   Children and young people in a world of AIDS /    Geneva, Switzerland :   UNAIDS,   2001.

Global Plan

Global plan towards the elimination of  new HIV infections among children by 2015, and keeping their mothers alive

"The Global Plan was developed through a consultative process by a high level Global Task Team convened by UNAIDS."


G 73 E.WB.03.OPER   Operational guidelines for supporting early child development (ECD) in multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.    [S.l. :   s.n.,   2003]

Africa, Southern

G 68 SADC.SADC.00.SADC   SADC/EU Seminar on the Rights of the Child in a World with HIV and AIDS (2000 :    SADC/EU Seminar on the Rights of the Child in a World with HIV and AIDS :   23rd-25th October 2000, Harare, Zimbabwe.    [S.l.] :   SADC,   [2000?].