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G 6897 JLC R14   Malawi. Law Commission.    Report of the Law Commission on the review of the Children and Young Persons Act /    Lilongwe, Malawi :   Govt. Printer,   [2005]             


Child Care Protection and Justice Cap. 26:03

Malawi. Child Care Protection and Justice Act (No. 23 of 2010). Lilongwe: Government Printer, 2010. Shelf no. G 6897 FLA 23/2020.

Adoption of Children Cap. 26:01

Employment Cap. 55:01, Part IV, Employment of Young Persons

Malawi, enacting jurisdiction.    Employment Act (cap. 55:02) :   Employment (Prohibition of Hazardous Work for Children) Order, 2012 = Lamulo La za Ntchito (mutu 55:02) : Lamulo Loletsa Kulemba Ana Ntchito Zoopseza Moyo Wawo La M'Chaka Cha /    [Zomba, Malawi] :   [Government Printer],   [2012].