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International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour. Child labour in Uganda : a report on linking child labour to agriculture. Geneva : ILO, [2006?]

International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour. Child labour In Uganda : a report based on the 2000/2001 Uganda demographic and health survey. Geneva ; Kampala :  International Labour Organization and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, 2001.


Uganda Bureau of Statistics. he national labour force and child activities survey 2011/12 :   child labour report. Kampala :   Uganda Bureau of Statistics,   [2013] G 6761 E.LABO.13.NATI

Uganda Bureau of Statistics. The National Labour Force and Child Activities Survey 2011/12 : National Labour Force Survey Report.  Kampala: Uganda Bureau of Statistics, 2013. Shelf no. G 6761 A.LABO.13.NATI



Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. National action plan on elimination of the worst forms of child labour in Uganda 2012/13-2016/17. Kampala : Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, May 2012.


Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. National child labour policy. Kampala : Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, November 2006. G 6761 E.LABO.06.NATI