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Children: Government Resources: Library Guide: South Africa

Where to find legislation

We have print editions of the consolidatedStatutes of South Africa as well as currentdatabases. Be aware that Acts found on theInternet, e.g, on South Africa Online are individual acts not the consolidated versions including amendments. New Internet site with consolidated acts: University of Pretoria's Laws of South Africa.

You may use Bills published on South Africa Online or the Parliamentary Bills database.Read the Parliamentary Debates and the deliberations, briefings, and public hearings of Committees on Bills on the Parliamentary Monitoring Group website. 

Use the Netlaw: SA Legislation database or  Laws of South Africa to find the current versions of Acts.

Secondary legislation is published in the Government Gazettes as Regulations. There is an online Government Gazettes database. Laws of South Africa also has regulations.


University of Cape Town. Children's Institute. Children's Act

Legislation affecting children

Children's Act 38 of 2005

Department of Social Development, UNICEF. The Children's Act explained. Booklet 1, Children and parents: rights and responsibilities. 2009.

Department of Social Development, UNICEF. The Children's Act explained. Booklet 2, Prevention, intervention and care. 2009.

Department of Social Development, UNICEF. The Children's Act explained. Booklet 3, The courts and the protection of children. 2009.

4Chakras Consulting, Department of Social Development. Norms, standards and practice guidelines for the Children's Act. Pretoria : Department of Social Development, May 2010.

Children's Act Regulations RGN 261, SA Government gazette no. 33076 (29 June 2012)

Child Justice Act 75 of 2008

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996

Social Assistance Act 13 of 2004

Social Assistance Act 59 of 1992

Maintenance Act 99 of 1998

Films and Publications Act  65 of 1996

Criminal procedure Act 51 of 1977

Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters Amendment Act 32 of 2007

Prevention and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act 70 of 2008

Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act 6 of 2010

Births and Deaths Registration Act  51 of 1992

Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998

Refugess Act 130 of 1998

Wills Act 7 of 1953

Social Service Professions Act, 1978  (Act No. 110 of 1978). Regulations for child and youth care workers, auxiliary child and youth care workers, and student child and youth care workers, Govt. notice R.838, Govt. gazette no. 38135 (31 Oct. 2014)

Law reform investigations

Adopted children

South African Law Commission.    Review of the law of succession :   formalities of a will, alteration and revocation of wills, disqualifications from inheriting, substitution and the succession rights of adopted children : report.    [Pretoria] :   The Commission,   1991.   G 68 JLC 22

AIDS discrimination

South African Law Commission. Aspects of the law relating to AIDS :   HIV/AIDS and discrimination in schools /    [Pretoria :   The Commission,   1997]. G 68 JLC 85 (DP 73)

South African Law Commission.HIV/AIDS and discrimination in schools :   third interim report on aspects of the law relating to AIDS.   [Pretoria :   The Commission],   1998.   G 68 JLC 85

Child abduction

South African Law Commission.    Accession to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction :   report.   {Pretoria :   The Commission},   1991.   G 68 JLC 80

Child Care Act

South African Law Commission.    Review of the Child Care Act :   report and draft Children's Bill.    Pretoria :   The Commission,   2002.   G 68 JLC 110

South African Law Commission.    Review of the Child Care Act :   report : executive summary /    Pretoria :   The Commission,   2002.   G 68 JLC 110

South African Law Commission.    Review of the Child Care Act.   Pretoria :   The Commission,   2002.   G 68 JLC 110 (DP 103)

South African Law Commission.    The review of the Child Care Act :   first issue paper, 18 April 1998 /    [Pretoria] :   South African Law Commission,   1998   G 68 JLC 110(IP 13)

Child justice

South African Law Commission.    Juvenile justice /    [Pretoria :   The Commission,   1998?].   G 68 JLC 106(DP 79)

South African Law Commission. Project Committee on Juvenile Justice.    Draft Child Justice Bill :   as proposed for comment .    [Pretoria? :   The Commission?,   1999?].   G 68 JLC.106 DP 79

Child witnesses

South African Law Commission.    The protection of child witnesses :   report /    {Pretoria :   The Commission},   1991.   G 68 JLC 71

Illegitimate children

South African Law Commission. A father's rights in respect of his illegitimate child.   [Pretoria :   The Commission],   1993.   G 68 JLC 79(WP 44)

South African Law Commission.    A father's rights in respect of his illegitimate child :   report.    [Pretoria :   The Commission],   1994.   G 68 JLC 79

South African Law Commission.    Investigation into the legal position of illegitimate children.   [Pretoria] :   The Commission,   [1984].   G 68 JLC 38(WP 7)

Sexual offences against children

South African Law Commission.    Sexual offences against children.    [Pretoria :   The Commission],   1997.   G 68 JLC 108(IP 10)

Visitation rights

South African Law Commission.    Access to minor children by interested persons :   report /    [Pretoria :   South African Law Commission],   1996.  G 68 JLC 100

South African Law Commission.  The granting of visitation rights to grandparents of minor children.    Pretoria :   The Commission,   [1996]   G 68 JLC 100(WP)