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Parliamentary Debates

Motion. Enforcement of national laws with a view to end child marriages. Senate. Parliamentary debates, Vol. 24, no. 51 (7 July 2015), columns 2557-2566. Shelf no. G 6891 D2


UNICEF-Zimbabwe author, issuing body.    Extended analysis of Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey [MICS], 2014,  no. 4. Child protection, child marriage and attitudes towards violence.  Harare :   UNICEF,   June 2016. Shelf no. G 6891 A.MICS.16.EXTE

Committee report

Zimbabwe. Parliament. Senate. Thematic Committee on Gender and Development, author.    First report of the Thematic Committee on Gender and Development on early child marriages /    [Harare] :   Parliament, Zimbabwe,   2016. Shelf no. G 6891 ESC 11/2016