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NISH (NITAG Support Hub) 2: Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy/confidence in Africa

This Library Guide contains published and unpublished information on vaccine hesitancy and related issues in the context of COVID-19 vaccination in Subsaharan Africa

Pubmed : Covid-19 AND "vaccination hesitancy" AND Mozambique

Hu, B., Yang, W., Bouanchaud, P., Chongo, Y., Wheeler, J., Chicumbe, S. and Chissano, M., 2023. Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in Mozambique: The role of institutional trust. Vaccine.

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Solís Arce, J.S., Warren, S.S., Meriggi, N.F., Scacco, A., McMurry, N., Voors, M., Syunyaev, G., Malik, A.A., Aboutajdine, S., Adeojo, O. and Anigo, D., 2021. COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and hesitancy in low-and middle-income countries. Nature medicine, 27(8), pp.1385-1394. (Not OA)


Africa-Wide Information

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Dula, J., Mulhanga, A., Nhanombe, A., Cumbi, L., Júnior, A., Gwatsvaira, J., Fodjo, J.N.S., Faria de Moura Villela, E., Chicumbe, S. and Colebunders, R., 2021. COVID-19 vaccine acceptability and its determinants in Mozambique: An online survey. Vaccines, 9(8), p.828.

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