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Health Sciences Undergraduate Library Guide

Citing in the body of your text

The examples on this page are based on UCT Author-date referencing style.

In-text citing is the means by which you acknowledge the words or ideas of another in your essay. In the body of your essay you would record the author's surname, the date of the publication and the page number of your source:

         You need to be ethical in dealing with patients (Kornblau, 2012:5).

This cite then links to your list of references at the end of your essay.


List up to three authors in an in-text citation, e.g.

        (Picker, Griffiths & Weaving, 2002:4)

If more than three authors list first author with 'et al.'

       (Burns et al., 2000:6)


Cite the page number or page numbers if using the ideas of a particular author. Direct quotes must be put in inverted commas, e.g.

       “The dominant philosophical approach in contemporary science is postpositivism” (Hinshaw, 1999:5)


If the author's name is part of your sentence, do not repeat the name in your in-text citation, e.g.

         Benjamin and Curtis (2010:16) are of the opinion that ethics is a vital part of any curriculum.