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South African Government Policy: Library Guide: Indigent

Bibliographic records and links of South African government policies, plans and strategies

Related policies & strategies

Palmer Development Group.    Free basic water :   implementation strategy 2007 : consolidating and maintaining.   Pretoria :   Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, Directorate: Policy and Strategy,   2007. Shelf no. G 68 E.WATE.07.FREE

South Africa. Department of Environmental Affairs. National policy for the provision of basic refuse removal services to indigent households, October 2010. Pretoria : Government Printer, 2011.

South Africa. Department of Minerals and Energy. Electricity basic services support tariff (free basic electricity) policy for the Republic of South Africa, 1 April 2003. Pretoria : Government Printer, 2003. Shelf no. G 68 E.ENER.03.ELEC 

South Africa. Department of Water Affairs. Free basic sanitation implementation strategy :   user-friendly summary version.    [Pretoria :   Dept. of Water Affairs ;   Dept. of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs,   2010. Shelf no. G 68 E.WATE.10.FREE

South Africa. Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (1990-2010). Free basic sanitation implementation strategy. Final (version 16), 01 October 2008.

South Africa. Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (1990-2010).    Free basic water :   a summary for local authorities.    [Pretoria] :   Dept. of Water Affairs and Forestry,   2001. Shelf no. G 68 E.WATE.01.FREE

South Africa. Department. of Water Affairs and Forestry (1990-2010)    'Free basic water' :   implementation strategy document.   [Pretoria?] :   Dept. of Water Affairs and Forestry, Chief Directorate: Water Services,   2001.

Indigent policies

Indigent policies are published and implemented at local government level. These policies are written according to the National framework for municipal indigent policies, published by the Department of Provincial and Local Government. The Department also published Guidelines for the implementation of the national indigent policy  part 1, part 2, by municipalities.

Provincial policies

Limpopo (South Africa). Department of Local Government and Housing. Municipal Infrastructure Development Branch. Asset Management and Free Basic Services Unit. Limpopo indigent policy framework. Polokwane : Department of Local Government and Housing, [200-?] 

Local strategies and policies

Breede Valley Municipality. Indigent policy

Bushbuckridge Local Municipality. Indigent policy 

Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality. Indigent policy, 2012

Chris Hani District Municipality. Indigent support policy. May 2017

City of Cape Town. Poverty alleviation and reduction policy : the City of Cape Town draft policy, March 2013

City of Cape Town. Food gardens policy in support of poverty alleviation and reduction, December 2013

Van Ryneveld, Philip. Indigent policy : including the poor in the City of Cape Town’s income strategy. Cape Town: City of Cape Town, 2003. Shelf no. G RCT E>SOCI.03.INDI

Drakenstein Municipality. Indigent policy for Drakenstein Municipality. Reviewed, March 2010.

City of Johannesburg (2008). Expanded social package policy & strategy : eligibility mechanism and operational structure for poverty-targetting subsidies and services delivered  by and in collaboration with the City of Johannesburg

City of Polokwane. Indigent and social assistance policy, 2017/18

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (2014). Indigent support policy

Mbombela Municipality. Indigent policy

Midvaal Local Municipality (2014). Indigent policy

Mogale City Local Municipality (2010). Indigent management policy

Mutale Municipality. Indigent policy

Newcastle Municipality. Indigent policy

Overstrand Municipality. Indigent policy (2018)

Saldanha Bay Municipality. Indigent policy. For implementation as from 1 July 2017

Stellenbosch Municipality. Indigent policy, 2017/2018

Steve Tshwete Local Municipality (2013). Free basic services and indigent support policy

Thumalela Municipality. Indigent policy, 2014/2015

Umzinyathi District Municipality. Indigent support policy

West Coast District Municipality. West Coast District: poverty alleviation strategy: final report, December 2006. Part 1part 2part 3part 4.

Zululand District Municipality. Indigent policy, year 2017/2018



South Africa. Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. Basic services publication :   comparative information on basic services, 2009.    Pretoria :   Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs,   2009. 

South Africa. Dept. of Provincial and Local Government.    Study to determine progress with and challenges faced by municipalities in the provision of free basic services & supporting those municipalities struggling with implementation :   final study report.   [Pretoria? ;   Department of Provincial and Local Government,   2005. Shelf no. G 68 E.LOCA.05.STUD

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Some assessments

Farrar, Lauren. The free basic water policy of South Africa: an evaluation of its implementation. Dissertation presented for the degree of Masters in Civil Engineering, University of Cape Town, October 2014.

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