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South African Government Policy: Library Guide: Education, General

Bibliographic records and links of South African government policies, plans and strategies


Education renewal strategy :   management solutions for education in South Africa.    Pretoria :   Dept. of National Education,   1992. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.92.EDUC

Education Renewal Strategy :   discussion document.    Pretoria :   Dept. of National Education,   1991. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.91.EDUC

Education renewal strategy. Questions and answers. --    Pretoria : Dept. of National Education, 1992. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.92.EDUC

A Strategy and programme for educational renewal.    [Pretoria :   Dept. of National Education,   1990] Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.90.STRA

Special needs

South Africa. Dept. of Education    Education white paper 6 :   special needs education : building an inclusive education and training system.    Pretoria :   Dept. of Education,   2001. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.01.EDUC

South Africa. Department of Basic Education. Report on the Implementation of Education White Paper 6 on Inclusive Education : an Overview for the Period: 2013 ‐ 2015. Pretoria : Department of Basic Education, May 2015.

South Africa. National Commission on Special Needs in Education and Training.    Education for all :   from "special needs and support" to developing quality education for all learners : public discussion document.    [Pretoria :   Dept. of Education],   1997. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.97.EDUC

White papers

South Africa. Dept. of Education    White paper on education and training .    Cape Town :   The Dept.,   1995. Shelf no. G 68 EWP J/95

White paper on the provision of education in the Republic of South Africa, 1983.    Pretoria :   Government Printer,   1983. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.83.WHIT

Draft papers

South Africa. Dept. of Education    Education and training in a democratic South Africa :   first steps to develop a new system /    Pretoria :   Dept. of Education,   1994. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.94.EDUC


National policy on religion and education.  Pretoria :   Govt. Printer,   2003. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.03.NATI

Draft policy :   religion in education.   Pretoria :   Department of Education,   2003. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.03.DRAF

Draft policy on religion and education.   Pretoria :   Govt. Printer,   2003. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.03.DRAF


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Reviews of national policies for education : South Africa.    Paris :   OECD,   c2008. Shelf nos. 379.68 SOUT, G 44 E.OECD.08.SOUT, BA 379.68 SOUT


Media release on the Education Renewal Strategy (ERS) discussion document dealt with by the Minister of National Education in the discussion of his Budget Vote, National Education.    Pretoria :   Dept. of National Education,   1991. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.91.MEDI

South Africa. Dept. of Native Affairs.   Bantu education : policy for the immediate future / statement by the Hon. Dr. H. F. Verwoerd, Minister of Native Affairs, in the Senate of the Parliament of the Union of South Africa, 7th June, 1954. --    Pretoria : Dept. of Native Affairs, Information Service, 1954. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.54.BANT

Viljoen, G. van N.   Statement on education policy.    Pretoria :   Department of Education and Training,   1985. Shelf no. G 68 E.EDUC.85.STAT